One Night Only: SoMo

One Night Only: SoMo Entertains The Observatory North Park


Joseph-Somers Morales, better known to fans as SoMo, recently swooned hearts at The Observatory North Park. The concert hall was nothing like larger venues that lack intimacy. The renovated 1930s theatre offers two cocktail bars and crafty bites as its inside doors open up to West Coast Tavern.


With world class acoustics this venue was made for every kind of artist. SoMo quickly captured the audience with his sensual candlelit R&B ballads. The Texas native gave a steamy performance mixing new songs with his famous throw-back covers paired with a Magic Mike like sway. “My music is very sensual. So I like to match that on stage. Unbutton my shirt a little bit as the show goes,” Somers-Morales laughs. “It’s all in good fun. I don’t want to be too serious.”

“We’re super stoked. San Diego is always exciting. I’ve had one of my best shows here [and] I’ve done ten tours,” he says. Vevo’sdscvr ONES TO WATCH 2017’, Stanaj, opened the show with his powerhouse melodic voice.  The emerging star showcased his range sometimes without the mic using the high-ceiling venue to its entirety.


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