MTV’s Ally Burnett Uses Platform For Good


Ally Burnett, an MTV Favorite Rejects Drugs to Sing

Featured on MTV’s Paris Hilton’s My New BFF and controversial show Jersey Shore exposes Electric persona Ally Burnett.  Ready to take on the world, the San Diego pop singer shares her sensible muse and natural high.

Being in an industry whose motto has always been “sex, drugs, rock and roll” in addition to a disheartening addiction within her family the red headed blue eyed female rocker branches out. Burnett admits that singing, writing, and making music gave her something to turn to for every emotion and situation.  Driven to succeed she doesn’t let drugs and alcohol hinder her performance ability and favors a sober head space where she has control over herself, her actions, and body when engaging the stage. “I feel like if you’re wasted, you’re not in reality and thus you miss out on incredible things, like the natural high you get when you perform,” she remarks.  Just releasing herself anticipated sophomore EP “The Takeover” with a title that can speak for itself certainly a step up in production implicating a solid, more mature sound since her first EP.  With all this fuel under her, Burnett is no stranger to rising above negative influences.  The empowering second song off the EP “The Deep End” the simple, to the point, catchy verse is about not caving into people who try to keep you down.


“At the end of the day, standing your ground and being yourself gets you a lot further than jumping on bandwagons will ever.” Burnett concludes.  The whole band is in the studio this Fall recording a few new songs and a cover. The vibrant singer songwriter adds, “I would love to tour to the West Coast in the near future.” Be sure to keep up with her on MTV. –Allura Garis




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