The San Diego Living Segment

I had an amazing time on The San Diego Living Show’s set with reporter Renee Kohn. The show serves as a sister channel to the CW. When Renee told me that I was speaking live to two million people I didn’t really feel nervous, because of all the professional development and support that I get from the small staff and family at Natural High.

She touched on that I do go to Altus, The Charter School of San Diego and I do thrive in the music industry. Two places that negative substances are rumored to be around. Natural High gives a voice to youth, a voice of passion in an unusual place where passion is not believed possible. It’s disheartening that our peers judge us and think because we go to concerts that we must do drugs. I know we don’t, I know we all do not go under the bus. Having a passion is one of the most admirable characteristics in society amongst our peers. When you’re engaged in something you love, your naturally exuding a high energy and joy that excites everyone around you.

Such a true blessing that ever since I started to build this career, that my friends, family and mentors are always standing by. I started marketing with local venues Channel Twelve 25, Epicentre and Soma. The staff at these places would always tell me to not do drugs and not drink alcohol, because I can enjoy music without that. I can be in a place that I love dearly and surround myself with like-minded people. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t until I found Natural High’s booth last summer at Vans Warped Tour, saw the “Music is my Natural High” sticker, watched Hey Monday’s Casadee Pope’s video that I realized that I can do what I love to do everyday without the false high that drugs and alcohol will give you.

Teenagers get involved with us, reach us on our Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Parents show the online series to your teens, Natural High is there to support you and them.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,



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