Natural High Pledge Campaign

This morning I witnessed and played a small role in world change.  Your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more. We are the uprising generation, and it is our job to embody our best selves. I collaborate with a drug abuse prevention organization, “Natural High” by working on their youth marketing team.  I’ve been there for almost a year now. We believe it’s not enough to just tell our peers to just say no. We give them something to say yes to, a Natural High. A Natural High is an activity, art form, or sport that you love to do and makes you feel good inside. A Natural High does not involve drugs or alcohol. Everyone has at least one Natural High, no exceptions. Rancho Buena Vista, hosted the first ever Natural High Pledge Campaign. An immediate call to action that allow youth to take the first step to be the movement. RBV is a three thousand plus student body. Jenna asked youth to stand if they want to pledge a Naturally High life. I’m proud to announce that more seventy-five percent of teenagers stood up. The pledge quickly filled up with signatures of promising youth. I am working with Elinn Media to produce a short video about the Natural High Pledge campaign and where you’ll be able to find us this Summer!

Check out our latest Natural High installments, high-profile celebrities, Lauren Conrad, Terry Kennedy, Hey Monday and more!

Check out visual art from Elinn Media

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